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Making remediation easy


Technical Support

At IVEY, our team of highly qualified engineers and scientists, with extensive field experience, provide support to all of our clients, locally and internationally with petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and organometallic impacted sites. We work together to develop site-specific application strategies, as well as on-site or remote field application support. Our team does whatever it takes to ensure a successful and cost-effective site clean-up. 


On-Site Support

Working both remotely and on-site depending on client requirements, IVEY engineers and scientists offer professional support tailored to the subject site to ensure successful remediation. Our services include: bench scale testing, pilot scale trials, full-scale field implementation and support, training on use of our real time field surfactant test kits and I-Packers®, and data analysis of remediation performance for all projects utilizing IVEY products.


Bench Scale Testing

Backed by years of experience, IVEY can conduct bench-scale testing on soil and LNAPL/DNAPL samples, from anywhere in the world, for a broad range of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, PFAS, pesticides, and organometallic contaminants. IVEY completes quantitative and qualitative testing to verify efficacy of our technologies. Testing reports detail: procedures used, statistical interpretation of data, applied dosage response for full-scale applications, to site specific considerations to achieve regulatory cleanup objectives.  IVEY provides unbiased technical support to third party testing facilities for our clients.


LEGAL Expert Witness

Environmental due diligence, and objective peer review, in property transactions is critically important for regulatory and operational compliance. This includes validation of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), site remediation, compliance audits, project management, communications, and regulatory compliance.  Ivey International Inc. (IVEY)  provides a range of legal support services for clients, lawyers, and related stakeholders, which includes: legal expert witness services, professional opinions, affidavits, community engagements, technical advice, and aiding in environmental and community dispute resolutions.

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