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IVEY is an international Award-Winning Remediation Technology Company whose technologies have been applied successfully on thousands of sites globally achieving the strictest regulatory standards. But removing contaminants is only half of our story, it is how we do things that is just as important as what we do!  We care, allowing us to build comfort and trust using small-town hospitality with all those we help. Our clients have consistently stated over the decades that IVEY is a trusted, reliable, and ethical provider of outstanding technical and project support. If you need to remove contaminants from surfaces, soil, bedrock, and groundwater, we have got you covered.

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How Ivey-Sol Works

Free of Unwanted Impurities, including: PFAS, 1-4 Dioxane, Dioxins, Furans, PCBs, etc.


Tested and Proven Ivey-sol® Surfactant Remediation Technology is the industry first to have selective capacity to desorb sorbed Petroleum and/or Chlorinated solvents, including trapped globules and LNAPL and DNAPL phases, below the critical micelle concentration (CMC). Ivey-sol® interacts with contaminants at a molecular level, selectively desorbing them into the pore spaces, or off surfaces, by forming partial micelles. In doing so, it makes insoluble contaminants more miscible without forming emulsions, and as a result are more physically, biologically, and chemically available in-situ and ex-situ remediation, without hindering waste-water treatment system performance.

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While supporting our clients to expedite vapor intrusion, soil, bedrock, and groundwater remediation, it is our consistently reliable in-situ and ex-situ application results, that achieve more rapid and cost-effective regulatory, and risk-based, clean-up objectives that drives our value position, as we sustainably help reduce stakeholder liabilities and supporting a circular green economy.


DECON-IT® was developed in response to the market need for a safer more reliable surface decontamination product for environmental specialists that is free of unwanted by-products like: PFOA, PFOS, 1-4 Dioxane, Dioxins, Furans, and PCBs. DECON-IT® fits the bill as it can rapidly remove contaminants of concern from field equipment, and reduces cross-contamination liability.

  • “We increased the TPH Mass Recovery Rate by 10x, removed TPH-d from vadose zone and lowered groundwater concentrations. Regulatory Agency agrees to a risk based closure in contamination levels continue to decrease.” – Galen Kenoyer, Senior Hydrogeologist, TRC
  • “We accomplished more with $50,000 of Ivey-sol® than we did with the first $500,000 we spent on the site over the previous 4 years. Ivey-sol Increased our rate of contaminant recovery by >400%.” – Daniel Smith, Hydrogeologist, HANDEX of Connecticut
  • “We completed an in-situ pilot-scale application of the Ivey-sol at an industrial site with VC, DCE and TCE chlorinated contamination. We commenced site remediation with MPE with very good results, but eventually the rate of vapor, dissolved, and DNAPL phase mass recovery reduced over time. Ivey-sol significantly increased mass recovery of all phases...pairing the MPE and Ivey-sol technologies as an effective remediation strategy for the site.” – Dennis Tu, Executive Director China Environment, AECOM
  • “Burns & McDonnell operated a dual-phase vacuum extraction system at an active grain elevator for ~9 years to address a groundwater source consisting of carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide, and chloroform…Ivey-sol significantly increased dissolved-phase mass removal and the effects of this increase on DPVE efficiency were observed...B&M was very pleased in the performance of the Ivey-sol and continued support by IVEY staff.” – Eric Dulle, PE, Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell
  • “Ivey-sol® has been proven highly effective at remediating both oil-based contamination and chlorinated solvents in a variety of different soil types, ranging from sands to clays. Given the current need for innovative and cost-effective cleanup technologies, usage of Ivey-sol will significantly increase in the upcoming years.” – Bruce Tunnicliffe, President, Vertex Environmental Inc.

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Educational Resources for Environmental Specialists

Welcome to Ivey League, a place for you to learn a fresh perspective on contaminant behavior, and remediation, to stay on top of industry trends, read about the latest research and developments in site assessment remediation, and your peer’s perspective. Think of us as your personal multi-media library - complete with articles, papers, videos, animations, links to information sources, and a schedule of upcoming conferences, workshops, symposiums, and webinars we are speaking at.