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Ivey-sol® Surfactant Technology is comprised of several patented nonionic surfactant formulations that have the unique ability to selectively desorb and liberate sorbed (i.e., absorbed and adsorbed) petroleum hydrocarbons (LNAPL), chlorinated solvents (DNAPL), and certain heavy metal contaminants from soil and fractured bedrock surfaces. Ivey-sol® makes the contaminants more miscible in the aqueous phase allowing for their improved mass recovery and or improved treatment by other remediation techniques.

Ivey-sol® surfactants, when introduced into contaminated soil and groundwater regimes, can reduce the surface tension of water from 72 dynes to as low as <30 dynes. This improves the wetting ability of the water and its ‘Effective Permeability’ allowing for improved mass recovery.
Furthermore; Ivey-sol® surfactants reduce the size of the water clusters allowing the water to penetrate less permeable soils such as: silty sand, silt and clay, and fractured bedrock.

Ivey-sol® accomplishes two feats; first it overcomes the challenges associated with contaminant adsorption; and secondly, it lowers the surface tension of water improving both its wetting and associated permeability properties.

Atomisol solution leads to the desired formation of stabilized and metal encapsulating co-precipitated isomorphous minerals in a reaction-series. The driving force for precipitation/crystallization is coincident crystal nucleation and heat loss. As co-precipitation accelerates, the larger crystals grow at the expense of smaller crystals with the smaller crystals dissolving and re-precipitating on the surfaces of larger crystals. The process continues until equilibrium is reached and the mother-solution is depleted by initial nucleation, co-precipitation, and post co-precipitation. Problematic heavy metal ions are encapsulated into the growing crystal structure and effectively rendered stable, insoluble and non-leachable through incorporation into the distinct new mineral species.

The Atomisol technology is field proven and commercialized for stabilizing heavy metals including: lead, cadmium, arsenic, zinc, chromium, selenium, antimony, barium, copper and other metals. Sites of application include firing ranges, metal laden sediments, mining operations, primary steel manufacturing, ash from thermal destruction, foundry waste, battery plants, electro-plating facilities and military installations.


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