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"90-95% of Ivey International Inc. clients have their site cleaned up in under 18 months with cost savings often in excess of $50,000."

George A. Ivey
Ivey International Inc.

"Excellent! We estimated, dug out the pollution (gasoline), did test, applied Ivey-sol technology and got the job done."
Robert Cooke
President, R&L Holdings
Hillsborough, New Brunswick

 Client List

 Our clients include consulting firms, oil and gas, government agencies, commercial and industrial sector companys,  insurance companys, financial institutions and private land owners. Here is a partial client list including:

  • 3M
  • ADT Environmental Solutions
  • AG Ambiental
  • Alliance Environmental Inc.
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • AMEC
  • Asia Aqua and Technologies Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • A.T.E.K.E. S.A.
  • Atomic Solutions
  • Baytex Energy Ltd.
  • BC Hydro
  • BDC-Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Bio-Synergy Resources
  • Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited
  • CMHC Canada Housing and Mortgage
  • City of Saint John
  • Clark Oil Co. Ltd.
  • Day and Ross Transport
    (subsidiary of McCain Foods)
  • Dynamotive
  • EBA Engineering
  • Environmental Services Inc.
  • Envirotech International Ltd.
  • Ethyl Canada
  • Focus Corporation
  • GSC Environment
  • Handex of Connecticut
  • Irving Oil Limited
  • Intec Corp (Japan)
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Key Safety Service
  • Kodiak Environmental Services
  • Landtech
  • Laurentide Chemicals Ltd.
  • MacLeod Chemical and Biomedical Services
  • Memcap S.A
  • McCain Foods Limited
  • Morrow Environmental Services
  • Naipierville Refineries Inc.
  • NB Department of Environment
  • NB DOT Department of Transportation
  • Newalta (Oil and Gas/Refinery Divisions)
  • Nexterra Environmental Inc.
  • Novaterra Soluciones Medioambientales
  • Oulton Business College
  • PetroCanada
  • Pika International Inc.
  • Premier Oilfield Services Inc. (Thailand)
  • Premier Environmental Services
  • Progeco
  • Quinsam Coal Corp., Inc.
  • Quantum Environmental Group
  • Red Oak Industries
  • RMT
  • Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.
  • Scotia Plastic Inc.
  • Shell Oil Co.
  • Soil Action Inc.
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Stanley Mutual Insurance
  • Tank Tec Environmental Services Ltd.
  • Terrawash
  • Trium Environmental Inc.
  • Ultramar Oil Co
  • Universal Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Veolia Environmental Services
  • Vertex Environmental Services Inc.
  • Yellow Island Aquaculture


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