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 Case Studies & Articles

 Articles & Publications highlighting the capabilities and developments of Ivey International Inc.

  Ivey Article, Soil & Sediment Contamination Tests
July, 2011
Ivey Profile in BCEIA Magazine.
  Ivey International Wins
2006 Globe Award

Globe Foundation - April 2006
Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation (SEAR)
ENVIRO 2006, Melbourne Australia - May
  Ivey-sol Surfactant Technology
Article - April, 2006
WME Magazine - Australia
Article - March, 2006

  Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation
Article - March, 2006
Surfactant Desorption Key to PAH Bioremediation
Environmental Science & Engineering - 2005
  Successful Emulsification of BioOil with Hydrocarbon Diesel Genesis Exchange - July, 2005
Grade "A" Remediation
Hazmat Management Publication Article
- April/May 2004

  Environmental Protection
Article - July/August 2004

NORMs Contamination Treatment Using Ivey-Sol Technology
Article - Sept/Oct 2004

  Oil and Gas Product News
Article - July/August 2004

DECON-IT™ All-Purpose Cleaner
Material Data Sheet - May 2019

  Ivey-sol® Surfactant Remediation Technology
Safety Data Sheet - May 2019


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